Developer Submission: CrazyBalloon – Microsoft Hololens and Microsoft Band edition for Windows 10 devices

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    CrazyBalloon (MS Hololens and MS Band edition) is a causal game for Windows 10 Platform! Starting from today we updated it including also a Microsoft Hololens game mode! Aim balloon using Gaze gesture in Hololens and explode it with AirTap gesture!!!! Very funny!! Available on Microsoft Store App and also in Microsoft Hololens store App!

    Developed with last Microsoft technology , Universal Windows APP (UWP) , it permits to play game in all Windows 10 devices enabled .

    CrazyBalloon it is also Continuum compatible and Hololens compatible. This game can run via Continuum to your TV.

    The idea behind Crazy Balloon is easy: you have a lot of balloons in your screen that fly in the sky. With your Microsoft Band or with Gaze gesture with Microsoft Hololens, you can aim each balloon, shoot and destroy it! You start with 60 seconds and you can fail 10 times. During the game you’ll see Bonus balloons: clock bonus balloon, tentative bonus balloon and last but not least Bomb balloon that it means GameOver!

    Users can record points in a local leaderboard or in Online Leaderboard that is shared between all devices where Crazy Balloon is installed.

    Also Crazy Ballon options are shared between devices thanks to Microsoft Azure system.

    Crazy Balloon is one of the first arcade game created using UWP Windows 10 platform and also one of the first game that uses Microsoft Band in that way and one of the first that it is fully compatible with Microsoft Hololens (and also available in Hololens store app).

    In future version we have a plan to release update that can run at the same time also into Xbox One and other future Microsoft devices. This first initial release of CrazyBalloon is only a start point!

    In next releases we’ll add Kinect for Windows support, mouse support and Gamepad support, adding also new way to play.

    CrazyBalloon is available from today in Windows Store here.


    Developer: Fabio Merlo

    Price: $1.49

    نویسنده : محمد رضا جوادیان بازدید : 492 تاريخ : جمعه 17 ارديبهشت 1395 ساعت: 8:26
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