The other Windows Phone at IFA 2017 was actually good value for money

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    We were not too happy with the Wileyfox Windows Phone announced at IFA 2017 last week, as they seem to be selling mutton dressed up as lamb, by charging companies who need Windows Phones 249 euro for a Snapdragon 210 handset.

    Another handset was announced at IFA however which seems to offer much better value for money.  Trekstor’s WinPhone 5.0, noticed by,  runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor which is Continuum capable, has 3 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage and a 5 inch 720P IPS screen and will be retailing for less than 300 Euro.

    With styling reminiscent of the Lumia 830, including a glass back, the device certainly looks attractive enough to justify the price.

    Trekstor is looking at going after the same market as Wileyfox – companies stranded on Windows Phone who need replacement handsets, but there seems to be much less price gouging going on. It is not yet known when the smartphone will be available, but those interested can contact the company via their website here.

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