Trekstor’s Windows phone makes an appearance in the Microsoft Store, but not really

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    Windows phone fans have been on a bit of a drought lately regarding new phones, so when little known OEM TrekStor came in with a half decent phone–half being the operative word–there was much rejoicing. TrekStor’s Windows phone has been riding a will they or won’t they wave for quite some time, now after revealing that the Windows device isn’t actually going on sale yet, the device has now (spotted by Windows Area) appeared in the Microsoft Store, seemingly indicating a desire to actually sell this thing.

    Here’s the part where it gets weird, TrekStor’s Windows phone might be listed to the Microsoft Store, but it isn’t actually sold there. What IS there is an Amazon link which takes you to Trekstor’s Windows Phone 4.7 which originally shipped with Windows Phone 8.1, back in 2015. It has a lovely plastic build, and the classic 1GB of RAM/8 GB Storage low-end Windows phone combination, but it isn’t the 3GB/16GB/Snapdragon 617 device fans were oohing and aahing over previously.

    To recap, Trekstor revealed a Windows 10 Phone last week, except they actually aren’t selling it, but the Microsoft Store is listing it, but it’s actually an Amazon link to what turns out to be a a 2015 model. Microsoft and TrekStor may be planning to launch this device eventually, but it looks like we’re not quite there yet.

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