Stormlands was Obsidian’s cancelled Xbox One exclusive

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    Stormlands was a game which Obsidian planned on developing as an Xbox One exclusive. The title started as an Xbox 360 title but due to its scope and technology, was upgraded to an Xbox One project. Obsidian claims that it was the biggest contract that they’d ever signed. Remember, Obsidian are the developers behind Fallout: New Vegas.

    The game sounds a lot like Destiny 2 meets The Witcher 3. You would go around fighting monsters and be automatically joined into public events. For example, let’s say you see a giant monster in the distance, if you went up to it and crossed a particular threshold, you would join 40 other players in battling it. The title definitely sounds impressive and it’s a shame that conflicting ideas led to the title’s cancellation.

    The good news is that this is a story for the past and Microsoft and Obsidian have moved on. Microsoft is actively looking to bolster their first-party lineup and hopefully another project with Obsidian could be in the cards in the future. Until then, we can all look at what could’ve been. This sounds like another Scalebound situation.

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