What’s new in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for developers

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    Windows Developer Day is back. Microsoft today announced that this year’s second Windows Developer Day will be held on October 10, starting at 9:30 AM PDT. Developers can watch it via live stream, or attend a viewing party in their area. Kevin Gallo from the Windows team and the Windows engineering team will discuss updates and new features for app development that will be available in the Windows 10  Fall Creators Update. The following locations will host these viewing parties.

    • Amstelveen, Netherlands
    • Bonstetten, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Boston, MA, USA
    • Chicago, IL, USA
    • Cologne, Germany
    • Dresden, Germany
    • Durban, South Africa
    • Ghent, Belgium
    • Manchester UK
    • Mexico City, Mexico
    • Milan, Italy
    • Milwaukee, WI, USA
    • Moscow, Russia
    • Munich, Germany
    • Paris, France
    • Penang, Malaysia
    • Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
    • Singapore, Singapore
    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Vienna, Austria
    • Zagreb, Croatia

    Microsoft also highlighted the list of new updates and features for game developers, consumer developers and commercial developers that are coming as part of Windows 10 Creators Update. Read them below.

    For Game devs:

    • Game Mode and new performance enhancements improve the gameplay experience for most of your players.
    • Xbox Live Creators Program lets you integrate Xbox Live into your game and publish to both Xbox One and Windows 10.
    • Mixer is the only next gen streaming service that offers viewers real-time influence and participation in your players’ live streams.
    • Windows Store improvements help you promote your games with video trailers and control timing and pricing more precisely.

    For Commercial devs:

    • .NET Standard 2.0 adds more than 20,000 new APIs and lets you share code across all your .NET code base.
    • Xamarin lets you use your existing C# and .NET skills to build truly cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.
    • Desktop Bridge improvements to tooling and more make it much easier to convert your existing Win32 and .NET software to Windows 10.
    • Windows Mixed Reality delivers new levels of immersion to help you enhance the visual experience of your users.

    For Consumer devs:

    • Microsoft Graph and UserActivity API make your end-to-end experience seamless by connecting screens and experiences across devices and platforms.
    • Fluent Design System helps you engage your users continuously across all their devices with beautiful, expressive experiences.
    • Tooling improvements within Visual Studio make it easier to create, convert and deploy your software.
    • .NET Standard 2.0 adds more than 20,000 new APIs and lets you share code across all your .NET code base.
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