Microsoft announces new program to help Windows developers monetize better through ads

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    Microsoft today announced a new program that will help Windows developers better monetize their apps through ads. Through this new Windows Premium Ads Publishers Program, Microsoft will allow advertisers identify the premium apps in Windows Store separately and serve premium, high yield ads exclusively on these apps. Based on the usage, engagement and experience, Microsoft will select a group of ad-enabled apps available in Windows Store as part of this program. The full list of qualifying criteria to have your app selected for this program as follows:

    • Minimum guaranteed daily ad request volume.
    • High viewability rate for impressions.
    • Good quality clicks contributing to a minimum click-through-rate across all ad formats.
    • Follow Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard ad sizes and placement methods. No hidden ads.
    • Clean placement of banner ads (for example, ads are not adjacent to each other).
    • Ad units are not used across multiple apps.
    • Clear defined user flow to the point where the video and/or interstitial banner ad is shown. Video ads are not pre-cached.
    • Controlled ad refresh behavior so that the ads returned from the mediation server are always played.
    • Great Store presence with clear app descriptions, high fidelity screenshots and icons uploaded to the Store. Video trailers are strongly recommended.
    • No fraudulent activity.

    Not all developers can apply for this program as this is currently an invite only program. Learn more about this program here. Check out the current list of apps and games that are part of this program here.

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