Developer Submission: NemoLabs Universal Apps updated and on sale to celebrate Windows 10 Mobile release

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    NemoLabs just updated their two Universal Windows 10 apps and put them on sale to celebrate Windows 10 release to mobile devices.

    “Horror Fists For Band” is a casual fitness game available for all Windows10 devices and uses Microsoft Band as a controller. The game received a 33% discount (.99$).

    “Sort My Stuff !” is the most advanced visual inventory app available for Windows10, useful for home inventory, for your move and can also be used for small businesses. It has a free trial and you can buy the full version for 50% of it’s normal price (.99$).

    Horror Fists For Band

    Developer: Nemo Labs

    Price: $1.49
    Sort My Stuff !

    Developer: Nemo Labs

    Price: $1.99

    نویسنده : محمد رضا جوادیان بازدید : 56 تاريخ : شنبه 29 اسفند 1394 ساعت: 11:32
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