Complaining works! Skype Preview update fixes one major issue

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    It seemed recently grousing about Skype was a hobby of ours, but it may be that all the complaining has had some effect, as Microsoft has just pushed out an update to modern Skype Preview app to Insiders on the Release Preview ring.

    The app has been updated to version 12.4.704.0, with the changelog just mentioning the usual “Bug Fixes and Performance improvements.

    Sharp-eyed Insiders have however noticed that a major issue which users have been complaining of has been fixed.

    Instead of lagging, text messaging using the app is now instant, with messages being sent and received in real time. One would have thought this would be table stakes for a messaging app, but we are of course happy it appears to be here now.

    The app also feels much faster and more stable otherwise, according to Lewk on Appraisin, where the news originates from.

    Have our readers on the Release Preview ring noticed the same improvements? Let us know below.


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