Microsoft creates a new programming language for quantum computers

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    At Ignite conference today, Microsoft provided an update on the progress they have made with their Quantum Computer research. Later this year, Microsoft will release a new programming language for quantum computers. This language will be deeply integrated with Visual Studio and will work on both a quantum simulator and a quantum computer.

    The thing that makes Microsoft’s efforts in quantum computing interesting is that they are not just interested in building a quantum computer it can show off in a lab somewhere. Instead, they have a plan to deliver a full-fledged topological quantum computing system. That includes hardware capable of consistently running calculations that require tens of thousands of logical qubits to a complete software stack that can program and control the quantum computer.

    Microsoft also revealed that they even have a research project focused on cryptography and security in a post-quantum world. Since quantum computers can easily crack the existing security algorithms, Microsoft is working with the industry to prepare quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms.

    Learn more about Microsoft’s quantum computing efforts here.

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