Facebook Messenger gets mentions for groups in Windows 10 Mobile

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    Facebook has added a new feature to its Messenger app for Windows 10 Mobile today. The latest update brings a tiny new feature which will be helpful for those who are members of lots of crowded groups in Messenger. With today’s update, Facebook Messenger will now let you mention others in a group and notify them about a message even if they have the group muted. Moreover, when someone mentions you in a group and you have that group muted, you will also get notified by the Messenger app in Windows 10 Mobile.

    The update isn’t major at all, so it doesn’t bring any other major new features. It’s still nice to see Facebook keep its app updated for Windows 10 Mobile while other companies are abandoning the platform, though.

    You can get the latest Facebook Messenger app update from the Windows Store below.


    Developer: Facebook Inc

    Price: Free

    Via: WBI

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