Mixer is bringing its crazy fast streaming system to mobile devices

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    Microsoft’s interactive game streaming platform today announced the arrival of its crazy fast streaming protocol, FTL, on mobile devices. Mixer’s Faster-Than-Light (FTL) streaming protocol offers sub-second delay on streams, which makes live gameplays almost real-time. FTL was developed by Mixer engineers and it’s a crucial part of the company’s interactive gaming platform.

    Mixer’s FTL technology worked amazingly well on the web, and curious users can try it out today on their Android or iOS devices. “FTL puts the community virtually in the room with broadcasters, chatting and influencing what’s happening in near real-time instead of being behind seconds of long delay,” said Matt Salsamendi, the co-founder of Mixer. FTL support on Mixer’s mobile devices is enabled by default, but you’ll be able to disable the feature if there’s an issue with the stream.

    FTL on Mixer’s mobile apps are available today — and you can give it a try by joining the beta program for its Android app here, and the iOS app heree.

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