Don’t expect Spotify for Windows Phone to ever get better

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    Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be shuttering their Groove Music service, and would transition user’s playlists and library to Spotify, their recommended replacement.

    This caused an immediate outcry from our readers, in large part because the Spotify app is not very good on Windows Phone, with errors such as the one below:

    Windows Phone user MegamasterX took to Twitter to complain to Spotify about the issue and was pointed to a March 2017 post in Spotify’s support forums where they announced that the app was in maintenance mode, and would only receive security updates if needed.

    They wrote:

    Community Manager Rorey Community Manager ?2017-03-24 02:32 PM – edited
    Status changed to: Closed

    Hello everyone. We have some news to share while we mark this as ‘Case Closed’.
    Spotify for Windows Phone has been placed into maintenance mode. We’ll only be making critical security updates to the current Spotify app and won’t be releasing any new features or improving support for old devices going forward.
    For now, you can continue using the current version of Spotify on previously supported Windows Phones, and it will remain available for download via the Windows Store.
    We’ll continue to work closely with Microsoft to ensure the best experience on Windows platforms and are constantly evaluating the most effective path going forward.

    While we can all hope for a UWP app to replace the decrepit Windows Phone 8 app, given how Microsoft lauded the Spotify Centennial app it seems rather unlikely.

    In short, if streaming music is important to you on your Windows Phone, Microsoft’s choice of Spotify as a partner was probably not the best choice.


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