Huawei may be next with with a folding smartphone

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    After a wait of many years, it appears we are finally entering the age of the folding smartphone.

    ZTE was the first with the ZTE Axon M, and showed that the concept can result in a practical and useful device.

    Now Huawei, the 2nd largest phone OEM in the world, has suggested that they may be next.

    Speaking to CNET, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, said they are working on such a device.

    “We already have a working sample,” Yu said.

    Since practical folding screens are still not available, Huawei’s version is similar to the ZTE Axon M.

    “We have two screens,” Yu said. “But we still have a small gap [between the screens]. That’s not good, and we should get rid of that gap.”

    Settling for existing technology will however mean that Huawei could get the device to market by 2018.

    Samsung, who makes the world’s best screens, may be the first with a truly flexible folding phone, with the Samsung Galaxy X, but with rumours that this experimental device will only have a run of 100,000 units it may be that our best bet for now is to settle for good enough rather than perfect.


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