Bing for Android updated with customized news feed, improved search history and more

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    Yesterday, Microsoft released an updated Bing app for Android with some new features and improvements. With this update, users can get a customized news feed and see if facts are verified. Bing app was already supporting search history, with this update users can now view their search history separated by type: web, image, video and news.

    After using Bing app for few weeks, users may end up with number of opened tabs inside app. With this update, users can set if Bing should automatically close their tabs after certain period of time. As always, this release also includes bug fixes, speed improvements, polish and more.

    Download the updated app here from Play Store.

    نویسنده : محمد رضا جوادیان بازدید : 0 تاريخ : يکشنبه 30 مهر 1396 ساعت: 16:46
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