Microsoft is bringing back the old Visual Studio Code logo following backlash

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    In August, Microsoft released a new Visual Studio Code logo. The company changed the shape of the Visual Studio Code logo, but there was another big change: the colour of the logo was changed from blue to orange. While that may not sound like a big deal at the first glance, it is a massive change.

    As a regular user of Visual Studio Code, the new orange colour was really annoying. I use Visual Studio Code every single day, and the new logo actually affected my productivity in many ways. For one, the new icon was increasingly hard to spot when switching quickly between apps. The new logo was such a big change that my muscle memory took at least a week to adjust to the change and finally be able to switch to the correct app when switching between apps.

    The change comes after a huge amount of backlash from the community, and although Microsoft isn’t changing the shape of the logo with the new update, the return of the blue colour should still be significantly helpful.

    For the sake of transparency, Microsoft also showed off some of the other logo ideas for Visual Studio Code, and they weren’t much better:

    Thank you, Microsoft. Seriously.

    Source: Microsoft

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