In latest privacy overreach Windows 10 Build 17063 insists on your phone number during setup

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    We know that the future of Windows is intertwining it with your mobile lifestyle, usually on other operating systems, but it seems in their rush to get you to download Microsoft apps on your Android device Microsoft has gone one step too far.

    In Windows 10 Insider Build 17063, when you set up your device from scratch, you run into the above screen, which lacks a Skip button, and demands you give Microsoft your phone number.

    The number is used to send an SMS to your phone and link your phone and your PC, enabling features like Continue on PC.

    In earlier versions, users were able to skip this screen, but this version does not offer that facility, which is worrying for those concerned about keeping control of their data.

    Fortunately this is only an Insider build, and hopefully, enough noise will be made for Microsoft to reconsider this route.

    Update: As some of our readers noted, invisible buttons is actually a known issue in this build, with the Skip button being one of them in this case, but which particular button is missing is still very suspicious and smacks of a test of acceptability for such a move by Microsoft.


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