15 of Steam’s top 40 VR titles support Windows Mixed Reality

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    Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform only launched around 2 months ago, meaning content for the VR headset platform is likely still an issue.

    For such a young platform however the good news is that developers appear to be embracing it, with 15 of out SteamVR’s top 40 titles for 2017 supporting the headsets.

    This includes 5 out of the top 12 Platinum titles, 3 out of the 12 gold titles and 7 of the 16 silver titles, organized by revenue.

    In addition, Windows Mixed Reality headsets of course also offer beta access to regular SteamVR titles, though performance for those titles can be variable.

    Hopefully in a year’s time, with enough push from Microsoft’s OEMs, the numbers will look even better.

    See the full collection at Steam here.

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