Apple might have to tell users how to get cheaper battery replacement in Brazil

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    Apple has been asked to provide information about how Brazillian consumers can purchase the new battery replacements at their discounted pricing.

    Cupertino had previously admitted to throttling performance on phones with weak batteries of the iPhone 6 and newer in order to preserve battery health and prevent unexpected shutdowns.

    In response to consumer outcry, Apple is allowing users with depleted batteries to replace their iPhone batteries for $29, as opposed to the $79 it would normally cost worldwide.

    Procon-SP, a Brazilian State agency has reached out to Apple to request that it provides a clear explanation about how consumers can take advantage of this discount in Brazil.

    Apple has only two Apple Stores in Brazil (perhaps prompting the initial response for clarification), so the firm is likely to have to provide a list of authorised resellers which users can travel to take advantage of the discounted battery replacements.

    The firm has found itself in legal disputes in a variety of countries, including Israel, the United Kingdom and France. While Apple has not yet acknowledged to the State Agencies request, the Agency considers the firm notified, with the option of levying fines or “proposing legal action” should the firm not comply.

    Source: Reuters via Gizmodo

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