Google Chrome now supports precision touchpads better

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    Microsoft Edge has often held a *ahem* edge, over Google’s Chrome due to support for smoother scrolling via Windows’ Precision Touchpad support and better battery life.

    Google has swiftly closed the gap in the latter with improvements to Chrome’s battery management made late last year, and may be on the cusp of eliminating the former advantage as well.

    XDA Developers has found code from Google in recent Chromium commits indicating impending support for Precision touchpads with patches for direct manipulation and pinch to zoom support being worked on this month.

    It’s not exactly clear when Google will roll out this changes to consumer builds of Chrome, but the advantage to users of premium laptops like the Surface and even mid-range laptops would be immense.

    Google has also made other strides in Chrome in the past few months, now offering auto-blocking of sites which play audio unprompted and auto adblocking of malicious ads.

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