Bing once again claims that they are bigger than you think

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    Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine has been growing at an accelerating rate over the last few years, managing 15% YoY growth in the last quarter.  Comscore has however stopped providing monthly updates on the market share of the various search engines, so it is difficult to say exactly how well it is doing.

    Speaking at Natchcon, a conference for natural brands, Microsoft, however, revealed an update on the current status of the search engine and revealed that a full 20% of all searches in USA, including both desktop and mobile, were taking place on Bing in December 2017.

    This number is quite impressive, given how prominent searches in mobile have become.  Microsoft has, of course, developed their Bing Search app aggressively on Android, but it is not believed that these apps have significant usage. Microsoft has also partnered with Reddit to provide search services to the platform there.

    Microsoft also revealed that 63 million PC searches used Bing exclusively.

    In their recent financials, Microsoft revealed that not only were more Bing searches being done, but Microsoft was also making more money per search, suggesting this was one division where the company was doing something very right.

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