Microsoft now letting Insiders test Preview version of core apps

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    We first saw evidence of Microsoft’s app-specific preview program with the Photos app, and now it appears Microsoft is rolling out the feature to other core applications, such as the Camera, Alarm and Clock and other apps.

    The feature means individual Windows 10 Insiders will be invited to test updated versions of the apps and provide feedback, without a wide semi-public rollout program.

    “You’ll be one of the first to try out new features in the preview version of Camera, and your feedback will shape the future of the app,” the invitation to the Camera Preview reads.

    The new phase of the program could mean Microsoft can iterate on applications more rapidly and separate from new builds of Windows, but will likely also make it harder to keep track of what has changed.

    Applications to join the App Preview program are generally in the Settings of the apps and may or may not result in being chosen to participate.

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